Storage guy

So, we had to move. That’s the bottom line for this text. That’s what this text will be all about. If you’re interested in knowing about how it went – the moving, the cleaning, the new problems in the new place, the storage situation, and all that – then keep reading. If you feel like you’d rather wait for the recipes again, please come back on Tuesday next week.

Anyways, we moved recently. Or actually, our parents moved but all the siblings helped out. We all got different areas of responsibility. My brother got the task of fixing the bathroom in the upper floor. My sister got the responsibility for new furniture. Everyone knows what I’m capable of, even me; Nothing. Therefore I got the responsibility for storage. Not that storage is worth much less than other qualities, but it’s not really me, is it? I mean, what I did was that I contacted a company that seemed good. A company that offered solutions within storage, that is.

“Well done!”, they all said to me. That’s the best thing with my family. They always want to make you feel good, that you are needed. This time, I had made sure that we could keep all the old stuff at a storage while moving in to the new place. It was good, I guess. But not that it was worth that amount of appreciation. Not at that moment anyways.

Then some stuff happened. It turned out that the new place wasn’t really ready. Not at all, actually. My brother was furious. Being the only carpenter in the family, he noticed a lot of really bad things with the whole construction. Not that I understand any of it. That’s where the storage I fixed came in handy. Mom and dad had to move to someone’s house, and guess where they moved in? To my place! So it turned out that my “services” were much needed.

All of my parents’ old stuff got stored in the storage that I had fixed for my parents. It was not a problem extending the time that we had the things there. They said just that: “No problem. For how long?”. We decided to put the storage time on indefinite since we didn’t know how long time it would take to fix the house. When it was time, we just called the storage company and explained the situation. I got the “No problem” again.

If you need storage. Call me and I’ll call them, OK?